Indiana Jones and The Quest For a Cover

After finally climbing the mountain that is getting a cartoon published in The New Yorker - and continuing to do so for a couple years - I decided I wanted to try for a cover. I can draw. I have ideas. I can do this.

Not so much.

It's HARD to break in. There's a lot of strings pulling the levers of success with this sort of thing - some justified, some not. In the end, it's really just like anywhere else in publishing. But then its not because it's The New Yorker. My buddy Harry Bliss (google him) keeps pushing me to submit more and is convinced I'll get one. Who knows. But I love Harry, so I keep buying a ticket to failure. I did come real close once, with this one:


I was sitting in the car, double parked and waiting for the street sweeper (something that happens in NYC. It's weird). The Vegas mass shooting had just happened and I originally drew this image on my iPad for the daily cartoon on, but when I added the famous font, it was a cover (which is actually bullshit, because if you're excited about a piece of art and you add the cover font, everything works as a cover), so I sent it in as a cover pitch. They really liked it, but in the end, went with something else.

Such is the game.

Here are some other cover pitches I've sent in over the years. Some are baaaad. Some I really like:


Onward and forward and shit,


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